nucleic acid sequencing ENA Upload Tool

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Submitter: System

Projects: Default Project, The fungi project

Version: 1.0.0

Group: ena modified for upload tool

1 Sample type is referencing this Experiment Sample Template

ISA Level: assay - data file

Organism: any

Parent Template: None

Child Templates:


NameTypeDescriptionPID helpISA Tag helpUnit
Input*Registered Sample List - /templates/28Existing Samples in DataHub that represent input for this protocol.---
nucleic acid sequencing*Stringtype of assay or experimental step performed.-protocol-
Raw Data File*StringName (or URI) of the raw data file generated by an assay.-data_file-
file_name*StringName (or URI) of the raw data file generated by an assay.-data_file_comment-
file_type*Controlled Vocabulary - file_typeThe run data file model.-data_file_comment-
file checksumStringThe MD5 checksum of the file.-data_file_comment-
accessionStringENA experiment accession code. Provided by ENA after submission.-data_file_comment-
submission_dateStringDate in which run was submitted to ENA.-data_file_comment-
statusControlled Vocabulary - statusStatus of submission to ENA.-data_file_comment-
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