nucleic acid sequencing

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Submitter: System

Projects: Default Project

Version: 1.2.0

Group: arrayexpress

5 Sample types are referencing this Experiment Sample Template

ISA Level: assay - data file

Organism: any

Parent Template: None

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NameTypeDescriptionPID helpISA Tag helpUnit
Input*Registered Sample List - /templates/10Existing Samples in DataHub that represent input for this protocol.---
nucleic acid sequencing*StringA protocol that describes the processes performed and equipment used to determine the order of nucleotide bases in a nucleic acid sample.
sequencing instrument*Controlled Vocabulary - sequencing instrumenta parameter to report the sequencing instrument model and make-parameter_value-
quality scorerStringName and version of the quality scoring software.-parameter_value-
base callerStringName and version of the base or color calling software.-parameter_value-
Assay Name*StringUser-defined name for an assay.-data_file_comment-
Technology type*Controlled Vocabulary - Technology typeNot specified-data_file_comment-
Raw Data File*Stringor Array Data File: Name (or URI) of the raw data file generated by an assay.-data_file-
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