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The format of an electronic file.


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39 Terms

Label Ontology URI Parent URI
Aperio Format
Open Microscopy Environment Tagged Image File Format
Spectral View Settings Format
Comma Separated Values Format
Portable Network Graphics
Proprietary Data Format
IDAT Format
Excel Open XML Format
Base 64
Portable Document Format
Macromolecular CIF
MDL Structure-data File
MDL Molfile
7Z Compression Format
gzip File Format
Variant Call File Format
C3D Format
Binary Alignment Map
MEX Format
JSON Format
TARGZ Format
SRA-XML Format
Hierarchical Data Format 5
JPEG 2000 Format
Tab-Separated Value Format
Gene Cluster Text Format
Mutation Annotation Format
Array Design Format
Sample and Data Relationship Format
Investigation Description Format
BED Format
BEDPE Format
Sequence Alignment Map
TBI Format
Genome Variation Format
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
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