About DataHub

Free and open platform for easier Research Data Management in Life Science
Future developments for DataHub include
Archive: Export data and metadata as RO-Crates for general exchange, or long term storage at meemoo.
Share: Find and share pipelines with WorkflowHub. Export interoperable metadata with ISA-JSON following the ISA data framework and gain easier access to the ISA software suite. Generate submission ready datasets for EMBL-EBI repositories.
Plan: Seamless compliance with a variety of community standards, streamlining deposition of complex omics datasets to deposition databases. Easier data management plan design and maintenance by connecting with DMPonline, and the ELIXIR Belgium Data Management Plan Template and Converter.
Store: Connect with an expanding pool of storage solutions that use iRODS, while recording meaningful and rich metadata.
Analyse: Link data, metadata, and computing services offered by Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC) as well as high quality data analysis with useGalaxy.be
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